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Advisory in Energy, Innovation and Business

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Do you need to achieve more with less, in government, regulation, business, innovation?

Are your strategies and policies achieving what you want, at the right cost?
Are others innovating ahead of you?
Are your models, structures, products or services falling behind?
Do you need to understand Net Zero / the Energy Transition better?
Is your sector changing fast?
Are you in a decreasing market?
Do you need an independent, innovative approach?

The pace of technological change is accelerating. New approaches are needed, innovative products or services, products to be sold as (or with) services, structured in targeted ways. Markets are changing, and new ones await the most dynamic businesses.


Does any of these apply to you?

Investor seeking the right investments, market understanding

  • Does the technology have good potential?
  • Are they addressing all the right markets, or missing some?
  • Does the team have the right people and understanding?
  • What are the market’s trends in innovation and change?
  • Are their funding needs and forecasts fit for purpose?


Investor seeking greater and surer returns, investee troubleshooting

  • Is the team facing challenges beyond their expertise?
  • Are there insufficient traction / sales?
  • Are you addressing each market in the right way?
  • What other avenues are open to them?
  • Does the team need guidance, challenging?


Company seeking growth, diversification, new ideas etc.

  • Are you falling behind technically or commercially?
  • Is the market moving faster than your offerings?
  • Could a change in your product / service mix spur growth?
  • Do you need to reduce costs, design for manufacture etc.?
  • Would you benefit from independent and challenging input?

Energy industry (large-scale) player, developer etc.

  • Are developments held up for lack of grid access?
  • Could projects / developments be made bigger, more profitable?
  • Do plans, analyses and forecasts stack up; can they be improved?
  • Which new sectors have greatest potential?
  • How can we move proactively into medium-term opportunities?


Energy system / network operator, regulator, gov’t, analyst etc.

  • How can we stop system and/or network costs growing?
  • Are many large-scale, long-lived, multi-capable plants being built?
  • Are regulations and/or market design fit for purpose?
  • How can regulations and/or market design be improved incrementally?
  • How best can we benefit all stakeholders and consumers?
  • What does a 2050 energy system look like, how best can we get there?
  • Do plans, analyses and forecasts stack up; can they be improved?
  • Are we thinking whole-system, long-term, or head-in-sand reactively?