Business Lift

Advisory in Energy, Innovation and Business

Case Study Summaries

Energy Systems Expert advisor to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (invitation letter here)
Consultee on many aspects of grid regulation and operation
Recognised expert in the energy transition
Electricity Storage Innovated large-scale long-duration electricity storage
Founded a business (Storelectric Ltd)
Developed a broad range of support from many relevant businesses
Strategy development and implementation Wrote the business strategy for both a medium-sized manufacturer and the multinational MRO division of a global conglomerate; contributed to other companies’ business strategies
Wrote and implemented the marketing strategy for both a mid-sized manufacturer and a non-destructive testing business
Cable and harness manufacturer: new product development Based on current company capabilities, developed 5 new products for actual industry requirements
Used these new products to break into different markets and customers, to sell standard product also
Contract manufacturers: marketing and new market development Researched and broke into new markets and customers, created marketing literature, wrote and published numerous articles, created new website, developed the brand image, joined industry bodies, exhibited at trade fairs, made the companies well known in their markets
Non-Destructive Testing: product development, accreditation, marketing Identified the need for a new NDT technology Identified the best available by trials (independently verified after)
Proposed and justified product development project to simplify the system from graduate operator to shop floor
Wrote and published an industry journal paper
Wrote 2 patent applications, inventor on both
Managed product development project, below budget
Managed accreditation in the rail industry – both track and vehicle
Developed services based on the equipment
Marketed and sold NDT services in UK and China
MRO (Maintenance and Repair Organisation): Various production efficiency projects Efficient working practices, co-ordination between functions
Revised shop layout, improved tooling, revised procedures
Process improvement, management systems
Savings: over £800k p.a. plus £500k one-off
Intellectual Property Introduced IP management into a neophyte division
Took out 4 patents, wrote 8 more, inventor on 4
Saved the company from a £9-figure IP claim (including rectification costs) which would have excluded it from North America also
Heavy engineering: Designing and purchasing a £4.4M machining cell Increased capacity of cell by 233% (at same price), worth £4.2M
Future upgrade: price reduced 63%, capacity increased 67%
Raised equipment resilience from zero to 95%
Increased cell flexibility and functionality, instigated unmanned operation
Negotiated free training, first 100 programmes, 1 year on-site maintenance and coaching
Steel Plant: Furnace and forge improvements Planned and justified a £1.1M 25-year deep overhaul and upgrade
Reduced steel usage by £414k p.a. and energy consumption by £32k p.a.
Reduced machine and tooling wear by £290k p.a.
MRO (Maintenance and Repair Organisation): Purchasing savings Acoustic test booth 69%
Offices 26% (plus £125k p.a. efficiency improvements)
Chemicals 60% of £160k p.a. spend, with rationalisation and technical support from supplier
Distribution and Logistics: Business and Warehouse set-up Catalysed and guided the development of a new business that took 33% market share within 3 years
Developed the business, product and service strategy
Cost £260k, a reduction of 58% on the original cost
Increased capacity by 73%, in a more workable space
Manufacturing: Cost avoidance Purchase of paint plant not needed: £100k
Purchase of cleaning plant not needed: £25k + £25k p.a. chemicals costs
Aerospace: parallel design / process re-engineering Reduced design change lead times from 3+ years to 20 weeks
Introduced design for manufacture and cross-functional teamwork
Introduced parallel rather than sequential working
Business process re-engineering before the book was written!
Heavy engineering manufacturer: purchasing (France, in French) Created competitive advantage through purchasing
Developed strategic supplier relationships
Reduced supplier base
Reduced purchasing costs by over 10% (£12M)
Re-structured department: split into purchasing, buying and support
Technical training of purchasers and buyers
Tile manufacturer: manufacturing and maintenance efficiency Restored competitiveness, improving production productivity by 32%
Reduced maintenance backlog from 120 man-days to 10 man-days
Reduced down time by 70%, enabling production improvements
Chemical manufacturing: production efficiency, customer service (South Africa) Created formal production planning methods and system, reducing the company’s risk of depending on one person
Raised service levels from 10% to 90% of requested delivery dates, and from 30% to 95% by lead time, and rising
Increased capacity by 20% without capital investment
Reduced national finished goods stocks by 60%
Furniture manufacturer: OTIF transformation (On Time In Full deliveries) Saved a factory under notice of closure: brought it to world class
Reduced lead times from 5 weeks to 2 weeks & productivity by 30%
Raised customer service from 70% to 99% of deliveries on time
Transformed the administrative systems to enable the above
Business analysis to change a stock system into an MRP system
FMCG: production and distribution efficiency Increased company value from £7M to £35M prior to management buyout
Increased warehouse productivity by 36%
Enabled success of 30% productivity increase in factory
Warehousing layouts nation-wide for 45% capacity increase
Utility: field engineering management and productivity Customer service and efficiency improvements formed the basis for a 6-year advertising campaign and slogan
Cut customer waiting times from 5-10 weeks to 2 weeks
Improved customer service from 65% to over 97% (completion on scheduled date, first visit) and raised productivity by 27%
Utility: purchasing & stores (Mauritius, in English and French) Transformation of tendering and purchasing strategy based on special company and national needs
Reduction of administrative lead times from 2 years to 3 months
60% reduction in stocks with reduced stock-outs
Introduced cross-functional teamwork
Airline caterer (30-70,000 meals per week): productivity and management Turned a loss-maker into a profitable company flagship, overcoming the bankruptcy of a major customer (36% of sales)
Raised labour productivity by 20%
Created production planning and master scheduling systems
100% customer service record
Re-structured the production and planning functions
Devised shift system to maximise customer service, minimise lead times and reduce shift premium pay
Property services company: efficiency, systems, business processes re-engineering Saved the company from axing by its parent
Process re-engineering for all property services functions (architects, building surveyors, landlord’s functions)
Business re-engineering to develop a new strategy for growth and stability, better serving the parent and diversifying
Managed large multi-site multi-disciplinary project teams
8 concurrent projects
Investment bank: efficiency & management control (Luxembourg, in French) Re-structured all the back-room operations to enable more effective customer service and the bedding-in of a new computer system
Productivity increases by between 20% and 35%
Carried out management training in all departments
Introduced new management systems and methods throughout
Process re-engineering to increase efficiency and service
Retail chain: stock shrinkage Audit of security and shrinkage prevention systems and methods, and recommendations to save £5M p.a. (= previous year’s loss)
Insurance company: claims management Enabled the company to respond to the rise of direct insurance companies by strategic improvements to the products and service
Reduced payouts by 10% by cutting fraudulent claims by est. 50%
Reduced average settlement times by over 50% Increased productivity by 25% through systems re-engineering
ICL (Computer manufacturer): logistics management Improved stock check gross accuracy by 4% of stocks
Developed warehouse performance monitoring system
Improved customer service from 60% to 100% on-time deliveries
Helped develop new integrated materials management system
Resolved STC Computing’s stock problems (STC was a company acquired by ICL)