Business Lift

Advisory in Energy, Innovation and Business

Many activists see petro-states and petrochemical companies as being solely part of the problem. They have been, but need to be allowed to change. The challenge is so great and global that the Energy Transition to Net Zero won’t happen without such countries transitioning too.

Countries like the UAE (pioneers in renewables with Mubadalla, and ADNOC investing in reducing its footprint) and China (as well as building the most coal-fired power stations, they’re building more renewables than the rest of the world put together), oil companies like Orsted (ex-Dong Energy), Equinor and Statoil, and fossil fuel generators like EON and#RWE, are all making huge strides forward. Some are only starting on the journey, some are well advanced; all need encouraging. The energy transition needs their scale of operation, their commercial impact, their financial strength and their political influence, as allies and not as enemies: it’s time to see them as part of the solution as well as part of the problem.